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. it is swinging in. there is a lot of energy here. the core of the jet. there will be a lot of development taking place right back in here. between now and 9:00. you will see impressive development. it all leads to more heavier rain this afternoon. so just so you know. amounts could be pretty good to not bad. half inch to two to three. some of the areas santa cruz mountains, coastal hills russian river between now and tomorrow morning. it's a good system. it's not one we have seen before. rain moves in. the wind picks up. we will get a break on thursday. the next system coming in on friday. we will give us wind and some rain. also up in the sierra nevada they have a winter weather advisory. snow levels start off high and come down. the window might be over the passes could be a real dicey pattern. rain is on the way. breezy to windy. upper 50s and low 60s. and we get two systems here. one today. possibility of thundershowers. no doubt about it later on today. there is instability with this system. ly go with showers in the morning. generally a drier day. friday is one more system. sunday looks pr
look what'sdeveloping more energy approaching from the south and west and that will increase the heavier rainfall and a possibility of some more thunderstorms. we will have another update in one hour and complete storm wrap coverage coming up on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5. she walks back in. that officer got a little bit concerned because he was unable to reach the dispatcher decided to check up on said dispatcher, that's him pulling up in this patrol car and watch this moment as he's walking in, he stops, turns back around, and realizes, hmm, something smells off. >> she was taking a little toke. >> not a smoke break, huh? >> vickie was apparently destressing herself from the job because, yes, she admitted she'd actually been smoking some pot. >> at the dispatch station? >> i wonder if she got it from, like, you know -- >> the locker. >> he went inside and started questioning her about it and, yeah, she admitted and she handed over a container with apparently 2 1/2 joints still in it. >> needless to say she was arrested on the spot. this video was jail surveillance and she
that photography is just about snapping a picture, but you put a lot of time and energy into making this a craft. >> you have to. it's your job, i mean, it's your career. you have to put the time in. you have to -- you have to, you know, move along with talent and technology. you have to study. you have to do a lot of research. don't just pick up the camera. you have to do your homework. you have to have a conversation with the subject. find out exactly what they're into, what they want to do. give some of your ideas, you don't want to show up unprepared so you have to be prepared. i have to do my homework, get prepared and go to the shoot comfortable and do the best i can. >> not only have you done magazine covers but you put your foot in the music industry too. >> yeah. a big collaboration was with the fujis. the album cover, it was amazing. >> a classic album cover. >> the next classic is -- the miseducation of lauryn hill. the mollys. so many. >> is it different to shoot music artists than say models? >> it's a big difference. the artists you're trying to capture something that's original to
their leverage on gas and energy. don't believe that's exactly true. they still have that. so, yes, that would be something that would be a little bit embarrassing to putin along the way. they ought to start that process now. they ought to be very aggressive about it. you have russian troops in the crimea. that's a serious problem. it's a serious problem for the stability of the ukraine and i argue other parts of europe. so we have to be aggressive now. and those are the kind after gresive things that can you do to doesn't vaf the u.s. navy. >> if the president fails to move aggressively as you would have him do, should congress move on its own to start to impose these sanctions? >> i think we should. i think we're obligated to do that and we ought to -- we should put packages together that ramp it up. if you recall, all of the sanctions that happened on iran happened in congress. the president acquiesced. i think congress is going to have to play a very important role in this if we believe it's important to tone down the military options of civil war in the ukraine. >> finally, looking at pre
where you sha decided to cancel the energy subsidies it sends there. unidentified troops remain and minor clashes between russian and ukrainian troops continue today. it is estimated that there may be as many as 16,000 russian troops in the region and russian president, vladimir putin, says his intention is not to fight the ukrainian people, but he's not ruling that out if force is necessary. president obama disagrees. >> together, the international community has condemned russia's violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. we condemned their intervention in krimea. >> john kerry spent the day in ukraine visiting a memorial to people killed during the violent protests there and met with the country's active leadership. the united states and 14 other nations formed a military observer mission to monitor the tense region. california lawmaker weighed in saying that the u.s. needs to avoid conflict. >> russia is critical to other conflicts that we're trying to resolve, including syria and iran. so we have to be very careful in how we approach this. >> stocks
for tonight. second one the rain energy with this heads towards southern california, especially by friday but this will be a rain producer for us and also a significant wind producer. here is a closer inspection. the clouds and basically that moisture tap approaching the bay area. rainfall rates will be increasing this afternoon. could be picking up, in fact, it will be heavy tonight. we're talking about some thunderstorm chances as well. we are expecting downpours especially between about 3:00 and 7:00 later on today. for today, heavy rain for the afternoon and evening commute. gusty winds and thunderstorms likely. for your friday, mostly cloudy. tomorrow could be considered our break day. thursday should be the break day. on friday, this will be the major wind propose dueser. we could have winds gusting to 50 miles an hour and the chance of thunderstorms. in terms of totals, the coastal hills could have amounts topping 4 inches. the north bay on the other side of 3 inches. central portions of the bay, 1.75 and san jose, 1.25. they've had a nice start with the rainfall picking up earlier
and energy drinks and added sweeteners. they are expected to decide if those drinks should be hit with an extra tax. >>> you can vote for your favorite contestant. >> viewers who use google search and facebook will use it rather than waiting for it to end. they will use it per contestant. we will find out which contestant will be eliminated and one of the fingers is still in the running and you can catch american idle right here on channel 2. >>> prevent being transit strikes, bart's board meeting and what transit officials want them to give them. >>> we are live in morgan hill where a tanker truck has spilled onto the roadway, homes have been evacuated and we will let you know southbound 101. . >>> welcome back the opening bell, a lot of stocks to watch, particularly the retailers, we told you about best buy returning to profits and i have to tell you, analystels are very concerned about jc penny if there is a big economic shock and kohl's are better than expected. seers posted a lot bash sears posted a lot but not as bad aspected. >>> thursday, february 2 th, i am dave clark .
to southern california and the center of that storm is where we get all of that energy and that's why the severe weather is expected there. we could see the possibility of a thunderstorm rolling through. we had one off half moon bay earlier this morning. but the most severe weather with the storm is expected over southern california. let's take a lack at the totals. with storm number two in the last 24 hours. fairfield an inch, .94 in concord, .610 for napa. down in. there's a winter weather advisory. let's take a look at what we can expect for the rest of today. 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, notice it's the same thing. hit or miss hours. shouldn't be too bad for the evening drive home. here we are into 9:00 at night. it kents and tomorrow morning -- continues and tomorrow moernling it will be -- morning it will be winding down. for the afternoon today, temperatures in the 60s. it will be a little breezy and it will be plenty cloudy out there in the afternoon with a few breaks in the clouds. that will be about it. morning showers for tomorrow, then bebreak away to dry conditions -- we break away
, these energy bands in, napa, down here by -- bridge, you've got some rain showers, rain showers just to the north of -- north of -- rain showers are going to continue throughout the evening hours, live radar, so free mont, slow and go. livermore, you're not raining right now, but just did, those roadways are wet. ed wet roadways, people trying to get home on a friday night. a little slow and go out there. not as bad as last night. scattered showers tonight. weekend, clouds and sun, and a chance of showers on saturday morning. the extended forecast, wet weshther pattern next week. this weather system for saturday, moves south, we're here, they don't do this very much, they almost always go this way, up to the north of us, slide through, on the north end of this low pressure center. so the rainfall is minimal compared to what we're seeing down in southern california. on sunday, this weak system comes in, sprinklings in the north. don't change your plans on sunday, i think you're fine. i'll take ewe into the weekend. friday afternoon, thins clear out pretty nicely. sunday morning, here'
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netanyahu is scheduled to meet and they will sign an agreement on expanding energy and he is also scheduled to visit at apple and what is that. >>> the shimmering lights created a spectacular site for people walking along the waterfront. live picture there this morning, they are planning on railed and organizers will turn over the lights to make a point. they want to show about marin of more than 21 complaints santa clara santa clara is second and there were 34 days between november and the end of last month. >>> it shows how many children are vaccinated on school campuses. the parents can click on any school and they can find out how many schools are vaccinated. the other campus with more than 10% of the students are not end knew nice -- immunize. >> california allows parents to opt out of immunizations for their children. they say it is a delicate balancing act requiring the state and the schools tonight pro text them and many are not immunize. >>> there is a tar get in agreeing crime problem. they are stealing wood from the base of the ancient redwoods. this crime has forced the nightti
successes and laying out priorities like reducing climate change, building renewable energy sources. you can weigh in on his decision and we have been getting a huge response on facebook and read governor jerry brown's letter on >>> getting ready for round two the bay area is preparing for another storm. the dangerous combination this round brings with it. >> the latest in pg&e's gas inspection technology and the number of miles still left to go. >> it appears big changes could be coming to the grocery aisle. the over haul being prosed to nutrition labels and how it will help people make healthier choices. >> breaking news. a live picture. westbound 580 near 238 is shut down because of an investigation into a shooting. traffic very slow. we will stay on this situation, more throughout this newscast. we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! g
in energy aid as part of an economic package. that's after russia said it would cancel a price discount for natural gas suppliers to ukraine. >>> president obama unveils his 2015 federal budget this morning. this is new video of the president's budget plan being delivered to congress this morning. it includes several tax proposals meant to help low and middle-income families. the white house says the president's budget plan reflects his desire to try to reduce income disparity. by law, the president is required to release a budget plan but for the most part congress usually ignores it and comes up with its own budget. >>> 7:17. back here at home, the oakland police department is hiring and the department is hoping to fill its ranks with some home- grown talent. right now, the oakland police department has 616 police officers and the money to hire 91 more. the department says reaching out to local recruits, that has been a challenge. that's why they are targeting people as early as high school. and they are using technology like social media and text messages to reach the candidates. >>
, alternative energy, and cyber security. he is as slated to visit apple, and mountain view's whatsapp. >>> only on 2, marshawn lynch on winning the super bowl. tonight, the oakland native met withamber lee. he opened up about his passion away from football. >> reporter: frank, tonight, we spoke with the football player, where he attended high school, and where he still lives in the off-season. he is most comfortable back in oakland, where he was born and raised. he tells me, growing up in north oakland prepared him for life, both on and off the football field. >> 5 years old. having some of your home boys getting killed at that age, you know, it prepares you for a lot. >> reporter: lynch says he's alive today only by the grace of god. seeing a world beyond oakland when he plays for the cal bears, was an eye opener. >> that the world is bigger than the 580, and the 880. >> reporter: to help oakland kids from a similar underprivileged background. lynch holds a football camp for them every july. his message? playing professional sports is only attainable by a few. but dreams of success in other ar
the device. >> the idea is as we shorten the time it takes to do energy audits, commissioning. >> the research center, stanford and other labs also demonstrated products in washington, d.c. this week. >>> new at 5:00 p.m. stocking from a far. as technology improves so do ways for hackers to stock without their victims knowing someone is watching. that is being discussed right now in san francisco. and today ktvu's noelle walker talked with a former victim who says if it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone. >> with a few key strokes and a slick of a mouse you could be exposing yourself to a rat. >> he hacked into my computer. >> miss teen u.s.a., she was also the victim of a cyberstocker who used his computer to turn her webcam into a peep whole. >> he knew about my family and friends. he knew everything about me by watching me in my room for a long period of time. >> reporter: he sent threatening e-mails, 40 e-mail as day. >> he had photos so he was extorting me for more photos. >> to her twitter, facebook and snugram -- instagram. >> we all have open doors and wind
of areas that the leaders want to focus on. they include water conservation, alternative energy, cybersecurity, education and agricultural technology. >> there are more engineers per capita than there are in the u.s. and japan. how does that work? it's not a surprise there are a lot of dotcom s and pharmaceutical companies that come out. new app companies that google just bought? i think it's a sharing of the minds between israel and the state of california and clearly governor brown thought why not really capitalize on this relationship? >> reporter: after meeting with brown, the prime minister plans to stop at apple and have a meeting with the what's app founder who recently sold his company to facebook for $19 billion. today's meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m. peaceful activists are expected to protest the agreement with brown. they call the prime minister a where criminal because of his policies regarding palestine and they are upset that california is doing business with israel. we've not seen any signs of protesters out here yet. that could change in the next hour. we'll b
is the second largest producer of energy. >>> around the country, including in san francisco, ukrainian americans have taken to the streets to protest russia's actions. >>> ukrainians and supporters staged a protest outside of the russian consulate in the pacific heights neighborhood. they say it's upsetting to see what's happening to their country. >> they want a piece of land. it's because of the politics and money, of course, they will never say it. they will try to find other ways to explain why there are russian troops right now in creme -- in crimea. >>> let's check in with sal, see if everyone is banking on the roads. you -- behaving on the roads. you are watching highway 24. >> yes. highway 24, we'll start right there. the drive time there is about 20 minutes which is most of it waiting here in la fayette. if you get on the road a little bit farther up, it should be less. between walnut creek interchange and the tunnel, counting all of the slowdowns you have the drive time of 20, maybe less than that. it's definitely more than 10 if you are counting minutes here. let's move alon
of the energy is residing here. there's still a possibility of thunderstorms over the monterrey area. this is going to continue to the south and east. if you watch the way it flows, you can see how we're still within that band. as this continues to move south and east it will take the rain with it. for the next few hours we'll begin to see it taper off. for the second half of date we're dry. take a look. we're into 10:00, by noontime, partly cloudy skies in the forecast. we'll remain for just that chance the entire afternoon. notice we still have sprinkles popping up into sunset. we have the possibility of just a light shower, here and there, that should be about it. in the 60s today, 61 san francisco and 63 in vallejo, it's always in view. just a slight chance at a few scattered showers. i'll be tracking that for you. temperaturewise it will not change a lot. we're mostly cloudy and tuesday mostly cloudy and more rain in the forecast, at least the possibility coming by midweek wednesday. i'll show you those rainfall totals, they'll be coming up in a few minutes. >> the hike in the t
an energy jeweler doing business right here. >> they speak with that jeweler the run in with the thieves outside the san carlos store. >> new york jewelry supplier is out half a million dollars after precious jew he wills were stolen from his hand. the 43-year-old wants to remain anonymous and was headed to jeffrey's diamonds and goldsmith. the detective tore of the operations of the store had no idea. >> we had just closed. didn't have hatch to do with the store. the person who got robbed was coming to our store and not here yet. >> he had just crossed the street. and they shoulded at him. one man pot out and pointed a gun at him and stole his brief case before they drove off. >> he was coming here. if he parked it somewhere else and gone somewhere else. if he was followed, he might have been robbed them. >> he had diamonds and other high end jules worth upwards of $400,000. >> the sheriff's office needs the public's help tracking down the sis he can'ts in the honda pilot. >> we are working this case diligently right now. >> we hold a good track record with arresting bad guys. >> he sai
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